About Survey Options

There are two kinds of surveys offered by this site:

  • Casual or ad-hoc survey
  • Formal fauna survey

Casual or ad-hoc Survey

The casual or ad-hoc survey allows any registered user of the CYP Bio site to animal sightings whenever and wherever they are observed.

For example if you are walking or driving along and you see an interesting animal such as a Quoll or possum then you can log them in this site easily and quickly.

How to log a casual sighting:

Step 1: click here for casual wildlife sightings

Having problems? Click here for a how-to-guide!

Standardised Fauna Surveys

A fauna survey on the other hand is a standard method for surveying animals which can be repeated many times and in various locations.

How to log Fauna Survey data:

Step 1: Enter data about the beach by clicking on Beach Survey form

Where does the data go??

Once you have done all the hard work and collected your data, you can enter your findings directly into the system for 'real time' reporting on the species of Cape York Peninsular.

Help with species identification

As it can be hard to collect data about species you see, we have developed a mobile app to assist in identifying species. You can find this at ( INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE).