Cape York Peninsular - Unique plants and animals

Cape York Peninsula (CYP) is an iconic region, defined by its remote, seemingly endless landscapes and tropical climate. The biodiversity which inhabits the region is both diverse and specific to the area, with many species not found in other areas.

This website provides a tool for people on country or anyone with interest in the area to records these sightings. By building up a database of where species are recorded we can use this information to make decisions for the biodiversity of the region.

Aims of CYP Bio

  • Build knowledge from the grassroots up collate information about animals on CYP
  • Inspire people to explore their world through science that is relevant to their lives
  • Develop the capacity and networks of regional and remote groups to collate efforts into a regional dataset for CYP
  • Use the information to assist in making decisions about land management issues which will impact on the biodiversity


This website can be used in conjunction with field guides and online resources (ADD WEB LINK) to assist in identifying and located animal species in your area.